There is no doubt– we are living in a visual world. It is not social media, however, driving this revolution. Did you know that our brains are actually built for it?

Half of the human brain is dedicated towards processing and interpreting visual information, with over 90% of the information transferred to the brain being visual. We humans possess a remarkable ability to process this visual information, with studies showing we can recall thousands of images, at 90% accuracy, after having seen them for as little as 13 milliseconds! (source)

However, those stunning capabilities are only part of our picture.  

Studies have shown that the human attention span has now been reduced to only eight seconds — one second shorter than even a goldfish! Inc. Magazine

Given our collective ability to remember pictures better than words, it comes as no surprise that visual presentations were found to be 43% more effective than non-visual ones. 

In processes which require a high attention to detail, such as architectural design, creating tools towards visual communication can ease the client’s decision-making process and allow them to fully grasp the intended flow and layout of a room. This is accomplished through quality 3D-renderings, which serve as digitized scale models of the proposed design.  They allow the client to accurately visualize the architectural layout, furniture, and textures of a space and make adjustments, where necessary, in order to reflect their exact vision and taste.

A digital interior rendering can allow a client to take a virtual walk through of the space so that they have a better vision of what the real world finished space will look like. (Source)

With 65% of people categorized as ‘visual learners,’ providing clients with photorealistic renderings gives the design process a chance to progress more smoothly and effectively. Though it requires an investment of time and money on the part of the designer, it fills in many of the communication gaps and serves as a hallmark of a designer truly invested in their client’s ease of process and ultimate satisfaction. It can also serve to inspire the clients with the patience needed during construction by allowing them to ‘see’ the striking space being achieved!

At Devorah Friedman Interiors, our focus is entirely on giving our clients the final product they have dreamed of, through a process laden with the attention and care that they deserve. As a reflection of this, we painstakingly take the time to create multiple, highly-detailed renderings for our clients, ensuring that they are equally as updated on the design evolution as our staff of experts. With an exacting and uncanny similarity to the real-world result, our renderings will leave you just as engaged and excited as you will ultimately feel in your newly-designed interior.