Design Development

We invest the time to ensure that your maximum vision is achieved, down to the last detail. This begins by devising a design concept based on your tastes, needs, and budget, while clearly delineating every stage of the design process.

Schematic Planning

Our team collaborates in order to create an optimal design for each room. This includes details of the necessary layout, style, and furnishings.

Construction Documents

A draft of the intended design- including the exterior, window plans, plumbing, lighting, and finishes, is created– ensuring a quality to your project from its foundation to the final detail.


At DFI, we focus on the visual, both in our designs and in their presentation.

Custom Millwork & Furnishing

Custom cabinetry, millwork, and furniture, create a whole new dimension to design. At DFI, we enable the client to plan, source, and service exquisite custom millwork and furniture made exclusively for your project and its unique needs.

Lighting Design

Create the right mood for each room via custom lighting systems that allow you to adjust the ambiance with ease.


DFI streamlines the process of selecting the ideal textures for each space, accounting for everything from flooring to throw-pillows.

Window Treatments

Choose the right style, fabric, color, and texture to optimize the look and privacy of each window.

Project Management

At DFI, we provide our clients with the best sources for high-end furniture, fabrics, cabinetry, infrastructure, finishes, and overall design. We then ensure that design by closely supervising the professionals installing and completing this work to guarantee its full implementation.