Curb Appeal; Everyone wants it, your neighborhood just might fine you to create it, and achieving it can totally transform the look and sensation you get when entering your property. 

It is no surprise then that diversifying the materials on the face of a home has become a basic of quality home design. It is the equivalent of allowing your home to ‘put its best face forward.’ The key though, is to use the multiple surface textures on your home’s exterior to instantly give it a shot of dimension, personality, and visual interest. The impact is undeniable; it can totally transform a house! (source)


Take this residential project in Brooklyn, NY for example. Its previous exterior left it feeling drab and lifeless, on an equally concrete and nondescript street. It spoke nothing of the personality and elegance of its homeowners.

After undergoing a full exterior redesign by our team at Devorah Friedman Interiors, the house has now come to life, proudly displaying the ‘push and pull’ of its contrasting textures and the vitality and vibrancy that its lush landscaping brings. A flat, expressionless facade beforehand, this is now a house that exudes class and personality, dimension, and a rich character. We know it will leave its owners smiling each time they drive up; feeling fortunate to be able to enter this vibrant and positive oasis.